COVID-19 Preparedness

As you are aware, the current novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation has impacted many of our neighbors here in the United States. It is something NYE Automotive Group is taking seriously, as our company is committed to protecting the safety and health of our customers and team members whom we value greatly.

It is our belief that it’s important to share the steps we are taking to keep our customers and employees safe and our facilities clean during this tough time. We are currently monitoring local, federal, and world information websites daily, including the, as well as other health organizations, and are following their recommended guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone.

NYE Automotive Group has always emphasized the daily cleanliness and full maintenance of our facilities. However, we have now taken extra precautions to clean and sanitize each department with an emerging pathogen disinfectant on a more frequent basis. As always, there are hand sanitizer stations and tissues available throughout each dealership with a focus on common areas of gathering. We have also implemented a deep clean throughout our stores once a week to ensure we stay on top of this virus. Each step taken is to prevent the spread of any virus, germ, bacteria, or illness.

Furthermore, we have advised our employees to prevent any unnecessary contact with other employees and customers, including refraining from shaking hands. We have also asked them to clean their personal workstations daily with sanitizing wipes. We will ensure that after every test drive our employees are wiping down the areas touched by any customers and employees with sanitizing wipes and or disinfectants.

Moving forward, we have implemented a deep clean at each store, this will take place each week at every location. We will also continue to evaluate all areas in which we can increase sanitization throughout our store processes. Door handles, steering wheels, entryways, bathrooms, and all common areas inside and outside the dealership are being analyzed for sufficient sanitization options. Additionally, we are prepared for an excessive sanitization effort by professionals, should it be needed for a store impacted by the virus.

As one of the largest employers in Madison County, we take the health of our employees seriously. We have instructed all the Managers within our company to be aware of any employees not feeling well and enforce our stay-at-home policy, to minimize any unnecessary exposure to contagious illnesses.

We have also halted all non-essential meetings, travel, and gathering of large groups of people.

Lastly, we would like to inform our customers that we are here to assist you and can remain flexible during these trying times. We would like to offer any pick-up or delivery services for sales and service if needed, please contact the store for availability. We will certainly try to do our best with any requests or concerns you may have as well as remain committed to being available to service your automobile needs.

Thanks for the opportunity to serve you. Rest assured, we are doing everything we can to provide a safe dealership experience at Nye Auto for all of our customers and a healthy environment for our team.


William F. Nye, President
NYE Automotive Group